The Hampstead Church Music Trust

Registered Charity No 269427
(founded 1975)

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The full choral services of the Anglican cathedral tradition are an uniquely English phenomenon and lie at the heart of a virtually unbroken musical tradition which goes back to the middle of the 16th century. There are many reasons to conserve this music, not least for its historical and cultural importance, and for its variety and quality, which make the cathedrals and collegiate chapels where it is practised such an admirable training-ground for young musicians. But Anglican music is also valued as a spiritual tradition and the Hampstead Church Music Trust is dedicated to the preservation of this living heritage in Hampstead.

There are few parish churches where such a musical tradition is still maintained, not least because of the cost of supporting a choir of professional singers. It would not be possible for Hampstead Parish Church to bear the full cost of the Choir and Service Music without the valued support of the Hampstead Church Music Trust. Service Music costs are therefore funded in partnership between the Parochial Church Council and the Music Trust, funds raised by The Friends of the Music being channelled through the Trust. The long-term aim of the Trust is to build up a Capital Fund which will provide sufficient income to support musical costs.

Donations to help the Hampstead Church Music Trust to support the living musical tradition of St John-at-Hampstead are always needed and very much appreciated. Please consider whether you can help by making a donation (gifts by Gift Aid or CAF voucher and legacies are all welcomed).

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